Events & Antisocials

We run a number of events in and around Bristol Games Hub and the Pervasive Media Studio. They include:

  • Antisocials – The last Thursday of each month is an open gathering for the games development community at the Hub for a chat, drink and to play and/or test games. These sessions can be used for developers to show off what they are working on and get feedback from their peers. To stay in the loop on what is going on at the next antisocial, please sign-up to the newsletter, below. Join our Eventbrite and sign-up to the newsletter!
  • Game Jams – We’re planning to host a few of these each year and aim to mix experienced developers with students and people from outsides games to keep it fun and challenging. To find out when the next one might be, we recommend signing up to our newsletter (below).

To find out about events and what’s happening in Bristol and the South West game development community, please sign up to our newsletter – just click here.

SW Mobile and Bristol games Hub joint session!
SW Mobile and Bristol games Hub joint session!